SOS Kids K21 With Waterproof Smart Watch
SOS Kids K21 With Waterproof Smart Watch
SOS Kids K21 With Waterproof Smart Watch
SOS Kids K21 With Waterproof Smart Watch
SOS Kids K21 With Waterproof Smart Watch

SOS Kids K21 ພ້ອມໂມງອັດສະລິຍະກັນນໍ້າ

This is a Waterproof smart watch for kids Waterproof Smart Watch, they can touch the screen directly, and no matter where the children are, parents can know the precise positioning,it also supports language chat,enjoy language chat anytime, anywhere!



System requirements compatible with iOS and Android
Hardware Platform MTK6261
Memory combination 128 + 64MB
Support network GSM 8509008001900MHz
Bluetooth Version No
Bluetooth Chip No
Screen resolution 240*240
Screen size 1.44 ນິ້ວ
ຫນ້າຈໍສໍາຜັດ 1.44 inch capacitive touch screen
ຄວາມອາດສາມາດຫມໍ້ໄຟ 550 mAh
ເວລາສະແຕນບາຍ 72 ຊົ່ວໂມງ
Working hours 48 ຊົ່ວໂມງ
Physical Key 1x Physical Key
Horn 1609
ພາສາ ຈີນ, ພາສາອັງກິດ
Motors No
Charging Interface Clamp Charging
Waterproof Class IP68 Class
Product size 48*41*14mm/1.88*1.61*0.55'
ສີ ສີບົວ, ສີຟ້າ, ດຳ, Green

1.Call function: GSM four-frequency two-way call
2.Clock Display: Digital Clock Display
3.Interview: Real-time Voice Dialogue
4.Footprint: Playback of Historical Track
5.Safety Zone: Electronic Fence, Intelligent Early Warning
6.Map Location: LBS
7.SOS Call for Rescue: One-keySOS Call Cycle for Rescue, Three SOS Kinship Numbers
8.Voice monitoring: remote silent callback monitoring
9.Disturbance-free period: Baby in learning, do not disturb
10.Firewall ສີຂຽວ: filtering unfamiliar numbers and information
11.Short Message Reminder: Low Power Reminder, SOS Reminder
12.Baby Address Book: 15 sets of baby numbers, this number can be called in (after setting the number, only the set number can be called in, if not all the numbers can be called in)
13.ປຶ້ມ​ໂທລະ​ສັບ: Baby watch phone book, this number can be dialed out.
14.Remote Shutdown: Preventing Malicious Shutdown.
15.Love Reward: Baby is great. Give him a five-star reward.
16.Looking for Watches: Smart Watch Location anytime, anywhere
17.Watch alarm clock: three sets of watches alarm clock
18.Watch comes with five games: Whac-A-Mole, Ninja parkour, Cornucopia, Brave Monkey, Puzzle Math

ພວກເຮົາສ່ວນໃຫຍ່ແມ່ນມີສ່ວນຮ່ວມໃນການຄົ້ນຄວ້າແລະການພັດທະນາແລະການປະດິດສ້າງ, ແລະມີຈໍານວນສິດທິບັດປະດິດສ້າງເອກະລາດ!

ມີຂັ້ນຕອນການຄວບຄຸມຄຸນນະພາບທີ່ເຄັ່ງຄັດເພື່ອຮັບປະກັນວ່າທຸກໆຜະລິດຕະພັນຖືກທົດສອບຢ່າງເຂັ້ມງວດ! ດ້ວຍທຸກໆຂັ້ນຕອນຂອງໂຮງງານຄຸ້ມຄອງ ERP ທີ່ເປັນມືອາຊີບ, ພວກເຮົາໃຊ້ແນວຄວາມຄິດການບໍລິການທີ່ຈິງໃຈທີ່ສຸດ, ຮ່ວມມືກັບລູກຄ້າທຸກຄົນແລະຮ່ວມມືຢ່າງຈິງໃຈເພື່ອແກ້ໄຂບັນຫາຕ່າງໆສໍາລັບທ່ານ.

2.ພວກເຮົາມີສິດທິບັດ invention ເອກະລາດຈໍານວນຫນຶ່ງ.
4.ERP ມືອາຊີບຄຸ້ມຄອງທຸກໆດ້ານຂອງໂຮງງານ.
5.ພວກເຮົາໃຊ້ແນວຄວາມຄິດການບໍລິການທີ່ຈິງໃຈທີ່ສຸດ, ຮ່ວມມືກັບລູກຄ້າທຸກຄົນແລະຮ່ວມມືຢ່າງຈິງໃຈເພື່ອແກ້ໄຂບັນຫາຕ່າງໆສໍາລັບທ່ານ.

Q.How does smart watch measure blood pressure?
A.When users first set up the app, they set up a blood pressure reading measured by a cuff to get an accurate first read. The app uses the raw signal from the reading to calculate blood pressure. The device has an optical sensor to measure heart rate.

Q.Can you play games on a smartwatch?
A. ແມ່ນແລ້ວ, some may believe it is a little difficult to play games on screens that are barely a couple of inches in size, but the fact remains that if you have a smartwatch, be it from Android or Apple, you can actually play games.

Q.Can you download Facebook on SmartWatch?
A.Facebook is the largest social media app in the world so it is essential to get it on our device. It is straightforward to use it on Android, Apple & Windows smartphones, as we can download it from Play Store, App Store & Windows Store, respectively. Thatdoes not mean you can't access Facebook on smartwatches.