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Подобни уреди-категории на паметни часовници и идните трендови

Among the wearable devices, smart watches have always occupied a major position, coexistence of fashion and practicality, and diversified functions, which are deeply loved by the public. The development of smart watches continues to show an upward trend. Relevant data show that shipments of smart watches reached 63 million in 2019. With the upgrade of smart watch systems, product differentiation has increased and functions have been improved. Watch shipments can exceed 100 million, and the market size has grown steadily, and is expected to exceed smartphones.
In addition to the prompts for time and date, smart watches also have various functions such as navigation, следење, спортови, calibration, and interaction. They have attractive features in appearance and configuration. At present, the application of smart watches can be roughly divided into the following categories: 1. Health monitoring 2. Voice call 3. Sports 4. Smart payment 5. Access control 6. Personal safety and so on.
Smart watches can be divided into three categories according to categories: children's smart watches, adult smart watches, and elderly smart watches. Each category focuses on different functional positioning.
Starting from the practical needs of child safety, the main functions of children's smart watches are instant messaging and real-time positioning, which is conducive to establishing a close relationship between parents and children. In addition, there are auxiliary functions for children's education, which can actually solve learning problems and cater to family needs.
The main functions of adult smart watches are sports health and personal assistant, and the appearance is mainly light and fashionable. For adults, smart watches are ornaments in addition to the actual application functions, so watch manufacturers should gain insight into user needs and group positioning, grasp product functions and design, and achieve high performance and cost-effectiveness. Consumer eyeballs stimulate consumers' desire to buy.
The smart watch for the elderly needs more accurate health monitoring. The health monitoring function of the smart watch can provide timely monitoring and feedback to the physical condition of the elderly, which can help family members and medical personnel understand the user's physical condition and give corresponding suggestions.
There are different categories of smart watches for different people, but the development in the general direction is consistent, such as materials, information security, endurance, call signal quality, waterproof performance, итн., and a standard test program should be developed.
The development of smart watches in the future requires more professional functions, longer battery life and more convenient use. In the health field, focus on heart rate sensing, sleep indicators, and blood oxygen saturation to improve sensor technology; in battery performance, extend battery life, reduce charging trouble, and optimize user experience; in appearance, mainly OLED flexible screens, Lighter and more durable, beautiful and stylish, the interface is more concise. If you want more space, smart watches need to seize the advantage in the wearable device market with excellent performance indicators and powerful functions, attract more user targets, and become a practical product for all.

Време на објавување: 2020-04-20