T5 smart watch with new removable strap
T5 smart watch with new removable strap
T5 smart watch with new removable strap
T5 smart watch with new removable strap
T5 smart watch with new removable strap

T5 ntse saib muaj pluaj tshiab uas tshem tau

The design and built of this watch from the inside out to help you be more energetic and healthier. All this, you can do it without a mobile phone, feel free to contact at any time, free to let you go further.

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platform MTK2502
Reference Dimension of Whole Machine Surface diameter44mm:44*38*10.7mm
Machine weight 53phom
Watchband TPU
Charging mode Special Charging Seat
colour Dub, Silver, Tuhao Gold, Rose Gold
Main screen 1.54IPS,240*240
Touch screen 2.5D Globoidal Capacitive Fully-Fitted Touch Screen
BT Function and Version 3.0, 4.0 support BT calls
Battery specifications and capacity 200MAH High Volume Polymer
Vibrating motor Kev them nyiaj
Language pack 1.Europe: Aaskiv, Turkish, Grammar, Tus neeg saib xyuas Yelemees, Polish, Lavxias teb sab, lus mev, Italian Italis, Thauj, Arabic
2. Suav thiab Lus Askiv: Cobtsib (Jane) Aaskiv
Southeast Asia: Aaskiv, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Arabia, Myanmar

1.Bluetooth push SMS SMS WeChat QQ news and other client information and other timely reminders
2.Battery removal is not supported
3.Heart rate detection Heart rate monitoring, monitoring your heartbeat around the clock
4.ECG ECG data analysis
5.Pedometer, kev ua si calorie, muaj calorie, ib ce muaj zog
6.Sedentary reminder to get up and change the unhealthy lifestyle
7.Sleep monitoring Objective Science Quantitatively record and analyze your sleep status
8.Find mobile phone function Anti-lost reminder. Two-way search
9.Bluetooth music playback sync phone music

Kab intelligent tshuab kev loj hlob co., LTD. Ntawm shenzhen predecessor xibfwb ua phem rau cov ntse hnav davhlau ya nyob twg, ntau lawm, muag khoom hauv lub sam xeeb txog high-tech enterprises. Muaj ntau xyoo kev tshawb fawb thiab kev loj hlob ntau lawm, Lub tuam txhab adhering rau cov "qhov zoo tshaj plaws, tus neeg muas zaub yog xam" hom phiaj, kub siab rau kev tshawb kawm thiab kev loj hlob ntawm kev sib txuas lus mobile, khoom txawb, nrog rau cov saib txawb xov tooj, xiav, bluetooth bracelet thiab lwm watches txawj ntse davhlau ya nyob twg.

1.Peb mas peb yeej nrog tshawb nrhiav thiab kev loj hlob.
2.Peb muaj ib tug xov tooj ntawm cov neeg sab nraud patents.
3.Peb muaj nruj zoo tswj cov txheej txheem zoo.
4.Kev ERP tswj txhua nam ntawm lub Hoobkas.
5.Peb siv lub tswvyim tseem ceeb tshaj plaws, Koom tes nrog txhua txhua tus neeg thiab koom tes ua kom daws teeb meem ntau yam teeb meem rau koj.

Q.How does a smartwatch monitor sleep?
A.Using a process called actigraphy, your tracker translates your wrist movements intosleep patterns. And there's so much more to monitoring sleep than simply tossing and turning. Brainwaves, eye movements, and breathing are also required to determine the difference between deep REM sleep and light sleep.

Q.How smart watches detect deep sleep?
A.Most wearable sleep trackers leverage actigraphy, where an actigraph sensor is worn around your wrist. Many smartphone sleep tracking apps, on the other hand, rely on the phone's accelerometer to measure your body movement and assess whether you're asleep or awake.

Q.Are Smartwatches secure?
A.Smartwatch manufacturers offer security settings that can help protect you in the case of theft. For instance, a security setting may prevent your smartwatch from being paired with any device you haven't approved. It's smart to make sure you've enabled such protection in your security settings.


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